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Why This Site?
     The "Gulf Vets Survey (SM)" site is one of BIZynet's community projects to put our assets to use for the good of combat veterans.  It's a way for our staff to feel they are doing something important for our veterans and our country.

     We intend to offer accurate insights into what Gulf War Veterans and their families in this country think about various Gulf War Illness issues and the laws in the United States of America that effect them.  The results gathered by our polls are instantly available online and will graphically illustrate what the majority of combat veterans feel are appropriate stands on of combat related health issues.

     We encourage each of you who qualify to go through the health exams that were legislated by congress for you.  We also encourage you to go through a gulf war registry exam at the VA so you are among those officially entitled to support.  You are also welcome to use the surveys on our web site.

     We'll be presenting a brief look at new and ongoing issues concerning combat veterans on our home page.  As important issues arise, we'll add RSS feeds on the latest issues concerning combat related illness due to exposure to hazardous materials and agents.

     If you subscribe to our mailing lists, that's another way we can keep you up to date.  This site is for you, the veterans who fought for our country, and your suggestions on what you need will be put in motion.

Privacy and Security Policy
     We're very serious about what we are doing.  Please review our extensive policy statements from the links to the right.  They are for your protection, as well as, ensuring we can proceed without legal complications.

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